I used to use the word “eccentric” to describe myself (think middle school, early high school era). I was different, and a little weird (and still am) and had great friends who encouraged my weirdness. And my family encouraged it, too. I don’t use the word “eccentric” anymore. I don’t really know how to describe myself at all. When people ask me to describe myself in ‘this number’ of words, I’m like “Uhhh…” (It’s easy to answer that question in job interviews though. You just lie.)

I created this blog to write about the things I’m passionate about. My journey in life of just being passionate. There are a lot of things that I’m passionate about that a lot of people aren’t. So I’m writing to express my passion, I’m writing because I have always loved to write, and I’m writing to share my passions and hopefully enlighten some of my readers.

I’m passionate about living a clean life. You’re laughing right now if you’ve ever been into my house. I do not have a clean house. I mean, it’s not gross and smelly, I just have a husband who throws clean clothes on the couch instead of folding them and I really hate sorting my mail so it’s currently thrown all over my coffee table. By “clean” I mean natural and having a clean conscious about what I buy and what I use. I like the idea of clean eating but my pregnancy hormones and cravings really don’t line up with that vision (I try my best!). Moreso, I’m passionate about natural cleaning products. Natural beauty products. Companies that do not test on animals. Animal rights in general. If you’re my Facebook friend you probably have me blocked from your timeline to get rid of all the animal pictures/awareness posts I share. Shout out to my husband and my mother who listen to my endless rants about animal testing 🙂

Next time I will share why I am passionate about these things. For now.. I need to devour these cupcakes.Image

– Karissa


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