My Cruelty Free Journey: Animal Testing 101

I’ve given up favorite brands like Revlon, Maybelline, Urban Decay, Laura Mercier, Johnson&Johnson, L’Oreal… (the list really doesn’t end)…because they choose to put money over morals. These companies are guilty of testing on animals. The average person doesn’t mind, which is something that I try to understand but fail. It’s hard to understand people who use products tested on animals when you’ve done hours upon hours of research on the subject and are aware of the truth that companies try hard to hide from us.

These are some of the questions or comments I’ve come across on my cruelty-free journey. In order to make this blog post not painstakingly long, I’m only going to post a few questions/comments/misconceptions about animal testing at a time and call the blog post series: My Cruelty-Free Journey. Please keep in mind I am not an expert, just a person who is passionate about ending animal testing.

“Why not test on rats if the products are going to be safer to use on humans in the end?”
Animal testing isn’t just done on rats (who still have feelings and a life worthy of living without cruelty), it is also done on other animals like rabbits, and sometimes dogs and cats. Animal advocates like myself don’t see human life as more worthy than animal life. Even if you do see it as more valuable, it is ignorant to think animal testing is beneficial to us because a) our bodies react differently than animals’ anyway and b) if you’d prefer animals to suffer and die in agony so you can use your superficial beauty products, that is just sick. Furthermore, there are methods of testing products that many cruelty-free companies perform instead of animal testing and these methods are NOT more expensive and just as effective. Animal testing should be a thing of the past but when you have powerhouses like China forcing animal testing, animal testing is still very present and very real.

“How does smearing a little eyeshadow on an animal hurt them?”
Animal testing involves not only testing the finished product on the animal, but also the individual ingredients, including seeing what combination of ingredients is harmful or not. These products aren’t just swiped on their face like you would use your finished product. They are dropped into their eyes, forced to breathe in toxic chemicals to see what combination/levels would kill them faster, injected with toxic solutions, skinned, etc. Bunnies are commonly used because they do not have tear ducts, and thus cannot naturally rinse the chemicals from their eyes. They suffer in pain and are blinded. And that’s without getting too graphic. I talk specifically about beauty products tested on animals but don’t forget that companies like Clorox (and just about every product you’ll find in the cleaning aisle) test on animals too. We are in a lot of pain when we accidentally get shampoo in our eyes…imagine cleaning products.

These animals wake up everyday to be strapped to a table and endure torture we don’t even see in war. If they manage to stay alive, they go to sleep only to be tortured the next day. What kind of life is that?

I, for one, prefer to cuddle and love my fur babies.





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