The Honest Company

It is incredibly important to me to find companies that I believe in. A lot of companies betray your trust, by selling out to larger companies for money and compromising their morals (Urban Decay, anyone?), falsely labeling and advertising (basically 99% of the companies you see on store shelves) and putting toxins and dangerous chemicals into products that are targeted toward children (I could list so many companies under this category, but the one that enters my mind the quickest is Johnson & Johnson).

I have found a few companies that I feel like I can truly stand behind – and The Honest Company ( is high on that list. The company was first introduced to me by a friend who has a lot of the same concerns that I do. The Honest Company was founded by Jessica Alba. (Side note: I am definitely not one to buy something just because it has a celebrity face but after reading her book The Honest Life, Alba (celebrity or not) has a lot of the same feelings that I do about natural products and I have definitely gained respect for her as a mom.) I signed up for their free trial bundles and received them at my door about a week later.

The trial diaper and wipes bundle includes 7 diapers (patterns of your choice) and a pack of 10 wipes. The patterns are adorable. A lot of the earth-friendly and natural diapers you’ll find are very plain-looking. But the patterns offered by The Honest Company are adorable and there are lots to choose from. My favorite pattern is the skull pattern.


The Essentials trial bundle includes trial sizes of their shampoo + body wash, face + body lotion, laundry detergent, hand soap and healing balm. I was pretty impressed with the packaging of each of the products and the quality of them when I tried them out.


Note: they have added a new bundle, the Health & Wellness Bundle, that includes a 1-day dose of their new prenatal vitamin and a DHA/Omega-3 supplement. I ordered my trials a couple months before they came out with this one.

Of course – when you order the free trial, you are automatically in their system to keep receiving the monthly bundles. If you forget to call and cancel within 7 days, they will charge you and send you the bundles. Naturally, as forgetful as I am, I forgot to cancel in time and the bundles were shipped to me. It was no big deal since, well, I’d be needing to stock up on diapers, wipes and the other products anyway! The full-size monthly bundles really are awesome anyway.

DIAPERS AND WIPES BUNDLE ($79.95 per month)

The monthly bundle includes 6 jumbo bags of diapers (quantity in each bag depends on the diaper size) and 4 packs of wipes. This is supposed to be a one-month supply. I obviously cannot comment on this myself since my baby hasn’t made his debut yet. You get to pick your patterns (there are currently 18 patterns available, and some of them change seasonally!) I also can’t comment on the quality of the diapers, but here is a blog post that gives a fair, to-the-point review: clickity click. Basically, on most reviews you’ll read: they are great diapers, absorbent, but pricier than generic brand diapers. (And to that I say – you get what you pay for. And if you’re willing to pay a little extra to put a diaper on your baby’s bottom  that isn’t loaded with nasty toxins and chemicals, it is worth it. Especially considering that your baby will have diapers on for 24/7 for a couple of years, give or take. Plus…they are cruelty-free!). I cancelled this subscription since I don’t need it, yet.

THE ESSENTIALS BUNDLE ($35.95 per month)


5 items of your choice! Plus you can add-on 3 items for 25% off (and apparently the longer you are a subscriber, this percentage off increases). I re-subscribed to this bundle last month. I chose laundry detergent, bug spray, dryer cloths, toothpaste and oxy boost. And two additional items for 25% off: toilet cleaner and organic dish towels. Their laundry detergent and dryer cloths are phenomenal. I’ve used their oxy boost once and it worked great. I have yet to try the toilet cleaner, bug spray and toothpaste. Next month, I’ve chosen my items to be: hand sanitizer (8 oz bottle), a baby bottle, multi-surface cleaner, dish brush with a ceramic base and travel wipes (4 10-wipe packages, perfect for the diaper bag and car!). I may very well change my items (you can never have enough laundry detergent) and you can change your items right up until the ship date. And choosing, changing, and browsing items is super simple. Here is what the layout looks like:


My overall thoughts:

  • I love that it’s a company I can believe in. At first, I was skeptical, then after trying the products, reading some other reviews, and reading Jessica Alba’s book The Honest Life I gained a lot of faith. It is truly a company that wants to provide affordable, natural and non-toxic products for babies and families. Alba created the company, with help, because she was just as frustrated and disappointed as I was that there are so many companies, targeted toward innocent babies, that are deceitful and full of toxins and chemicals not safe for children – let alone anyone, really.
  • I haven’t yet been disappointed in a product that I have tried.
  • They offer a lot of products that many green companies haven’t come out with yet – such as bug spray, dryer sheets, hand sanitizer, toothpaste and laundry detergent.
  • The convenience is unmatched. The nearest place around me to buy natural, organic diapers is almost an hour away. Same with natural cleaning products. That is not convenient, period. The fact that these products are delivered to your door like clockwork is a great concept. Plus, you can change your delivery date if you’re in need of something pronto or still have some diapers left and don’t need any for another week or so.
  • These products are, in my opinion, affordable. In comparison to Wal-Mart brand – they are more expensive. However, in comparison to other green companies, and name brands in general (natural or not), they are about the same.

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