Question everything

This is bit of a ramble, but here it goes..

If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my journey of trying my hardest to live a natural & cruelty-free lifestyle…it is to question EVERYTHING you are told. Ask “Why?” and “What’s that?” like a toddler does. Do your own research and figure things out for yourself. Just because a doctor tells you his opinion does not mean its even medically recommended (they don’t teach parenting tips in medical school). And even if it is medically recommended – the medical world is very flawed. Look at what the rest of the world is doing: the changes they are making, the products and procedures they are banning. I had a customer tell me the other day that our country can highly benefit by looking at the way other countries do things. As a high-ranking military member, I can’t even guess how many countries he has been to. His comment still has me thinking. Americans are taught that our country is the best – therefore we tend to trust our leaders, doctors, and the media more than we should. We frown upon other countries. But when other countries are way ahead of us at banning products with toxins in them, animal testing, and food with GMOs…why, exactly, do we frown upon them?

Routine infant circumcision and vaccinations are other “mommy” topics that countries have changed their medical recommendations on. Routine infant circumcision is something that America is far behind on. We are the ONLY country that still recommends circumcision for reasons other than cultural and religious. It is rare to find a medical organization except for ours that even recommends RIC under any circumstances, period. Even our own professional research shows that the health benefits that doctors preach are irrelevant.

I’m rambling a bit more than I wanted to. But my point is: don’t assume that you and your family are being looked out for. Just because its on the shelf, don’t assume “It’s a product targeted especially for babies, of course it’s safe!” (Most likely, it’s not!) and don’t listen to the ‘one’ study that proves _______. Get on the Internet and find the facts until you feel as if you know the truth in your mind. Especially focus on articles and journals done by researchers in a variety of countries.

You always, always need to question what you are told and look out for yourself and your own family…you can very rarely depend on others to do that for you.

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