No longer MIA

My absence is due to giving birth and motherhood. Oh…man! I am exhausted but so incredibly in love so it’s cool.



A few updates:

• Lucas David was born on August 27th, 2013 at 10:40AM. He came out already sporting the pouty, quivering lip he still uses as a tool to meddle with my heart. 7lb 12oz, a good amount of blonde hair, blue eyes…perfect boy!
• I’m already back to work. Lame. But making money with no time to spend the money = happy bank account.
• I’m trying to become more-sufficient. I enjoy and prefer all things homemade, from cleaners to food. Seriously, I even made my own chicken stock. Next year, I’m going to grow a small garden and I’m EXCITED. I have created a new blog to chronicle this adventure. I will share the link once I’ve finally posted over there!
• So the Giants suck.

Okay…12:30AM is here and I have a baby asleep on my chest. Good night!